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Power Systems Performance and Reliability Analyst (Engineering)

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Position Description

We are looking for a Power Systems Performance and Reliability Analyst to join the Reliability and Assets Management Unit (RAMU) under the Power System Engineering Department (PSED).

PSED is responsible for providing and managing highly technical and specialized engineering services to support the safe and reliable operation of Saudi Aramco electrical power systems generation, transmission and distribution networks. RAMU is an organization that looks into reliability studies, asset management and asset failure investigation. The unit works closely with the M&D centre to analyse the asset performance and degradation. Also, they responsible of the Asset Performance Management (APM) software.

You will provide technical support for company asset performance management (APM) program. You will work with cross-functional teams and APM software to assess the reliability of the assets. You will be heavily involved in analyzing the APM software output to generate the assets’ health index, MTTF, and asset priority list.

Minimum Requirements

As a successful candidate, you should hold a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Master’s in Reliability Engineering.

You must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience as a reliability engineer with high knowledge in APM software, power system equipment and SAP system.

You should be capable of performing power systems network reliability studies and understanding power system asset reliability issues

Duties and Responsibilities

You will be required to perform the following:

Develop, manage, update and monitor implementation of short and long-term asset management policy, strategy, initiatives and work plans for power system asset and ensure alignment with overall company Strategic Asset Management Program.

Analyse the APM software and M&D APR software output to generate priority list for the assets that needs urgent maintenance.

Coordinate asset management plans, initiatives and decisions with operational entities and Develop tracking mechanism and reporting systems for the APM software output.

Assist in development of circuit reliability models based on the specialized modeling software.

Supervise the documentation and development of asset inventory for each class of assets and support capital budgeting and planning team in initiating asset replacement program capitalizing on the health index generated by APM software.

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