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Human Resources Analyst

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Position Description

Human Resources Analyst - Workforce Planning & Analytics
The workforce planning group is looking for an experienced HR analyst with Oil and Gas or Management Consultancy experience preferred. The ideal candidate will have previous experience focused on statistical workforce demographics (internal and external) data mining, reporting, and the development of HR insights and HR story-telling based on the data. Extensive HR experience, preferably in workforce planning and analytics, or in an HR area where the analysis, and interpretation of large volumes of data are combined to build compelling storylines to support key business decisions. You will be responsible for developing and generating leading indicators for workforce attraction, retention, and motivation issues in the future, but without losing sight of the past and present. The candidate will be able to understand the Company’s talent requirements stemming from changing business conditions, and seeking workable solutions and insights. The incumbent will be a Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) expert.

Minimum Requirements

BS degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Economics, Engineering, or other related fields

7+ years of relevant working experience, ideally for an energy company.

Experience as a team leader.

Excellent communications skills (written and oral) logical presentation of ideas/concepts in English.

Highly systems literate, ability to work with large volumes of data, and provide insightful analysis

Duties and Responsibilities

Conduct comprehensive studies, surveys, research, develop policy proposals, including comparative costs; make presentations to all levels of management; and coordinate the implementation of approved programs, including required forms, and instructions. Advise and counsel Company Management relative to any area of assignment. Make accurate interpretations of policies. Participate in or conduct meetings/discussions relative to major HR issues as well as related policies, and procedures. Provide functional staff guidance for various programs/functions to which assigned. Evaluate effectiveness of policies/practices/systems/programs, and develop proposals for achieving a higher degree of effectiveness. Consult with representatives of the Saudi Government, other companies and private agencies relative to developing data, exchanging information, and developing comparative background information. Promote, and explain company policies and practices. Participate in negotiation sessions, and deal independently with representatives of Saudi Government agencies, or other organizations in the coordination of work activities. Assist in developing business strategies to support the organization's, business requirements, participate in the strategic decision-making processes, and carry out due diligence for business changes.

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