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Energy Technology Systems Modeler/Analyst

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Position Description

Saudi Aramco is seeking an experienced Energy Technology Analyst to join the Technology Strategy & Planning Department (TS&PD).
TS&PD provides critical and timely information, and develops execution strategies to align Company projects with value driven deployments in high impact areas that offer the Company a significant, distinctive, and sustainable competitive advantage in its core businesses. TS&PD also assures the intellectual property planning/filings are coordinated with the ultimate objective of the technology strategy (i.e., proprietary, value driven, brand building, etc.).
You will possess strong thought leadership skills and self-motivation, sound business acumen, and a sound understanding of economics and energy markets. An ability to articulate an in-depth understanding of the oil, gas, and chemical industries and energy applications is required. You will be expected to provide long-term perspective on technologies of interest to the company; perform technology landscaping in support of technology strategy and R&D program development; perform technology literature surveys and techno-economic assessments; and provide technical advice and insight to internal stakeholders supported by substantial energy systems modeling work and outlook analysis. Some experience in consulting in a high level service environment associated with executive management. A high level of technology literacy, combined with strong business communication and teamwork skills, are required to enable effective interactivity with a varied internal audience, and potentially with external collaborators and partners.

Minimum Requirements

As the successful candidate, you will have a bachelor’s degree in a science/engineering discipline. A master or Ph.D. degree in science/engineering is highly desirable.
You will have 13 years of professional experience, including at least 5 years as a specialist in your field, and achieved substantial recognition by peers as an expert.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will responsible for generating new insights (whitepapers, reports, etc.) to support senior leadership in making business and strategy decisions, related to the company’s technology and R&D activities within and across various energy domains, and aligning those activities with business priorities. This includes providing technology focused market and industry intelligence and insights supported by energy systems modeling, analysis of energy demand, analysis of energy transition and disruptive trends, evolution of new energy markets, evolution of energy policies, and outlook of technologies in major energy sectors, including: transport, petrochemicals, renewables, and low carbon sectors.

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