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Job Title
Application Security SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Applications ArchitectDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Applications Security SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Applications Security Specialist – Web and Content Management ApplicationsDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Communications EngineerDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Computing ArchitectDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Mobile Radio Network Management System SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
SAP IS Utility\Power Systems Application SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Security Operations Centre SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Communications Grounding SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/04/2014
Senior Systems DesignersDammam, Saudi Arabia02/23/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia02/06/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia02/06/2014
Engineering SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia01/29/2014
IT Applications SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia01/29/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia01/26/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia01/20/2014
Network Security Ethical Hacking SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia01/16/2014
SAP HR Systems AnalystDammam, Saudi Arabia01/15/2014
Business System AnalystDammam, Saudi Arabia12/05/2013
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Information Technology & Systems

IT underpins all aspects of our business – from exploration, production, processing, transportation, storage, refining and distribution to shipping, marketing and other support services. Supported by strong customer service, the IT organization provides all our applications with 24-hour assistance. This includes a vast infrastructure of communications networks and a host of applications systems, such as SAP.

A prime focus for us is to establish and manage an enterprise-wide information environment that easily gets the right information to the right person, at the right time, at minimum cost. The IT organization is a catalyst in the continued transformation and growth of our business through the acquisition and exchange of vast volumes of knowledge with speed and accuracy.