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Information Technology & Systems jobs

IT underpins all aspects of our business – from exploration, production, processing, transportation, storage, refining and distribution to shipping, marketing and other support services. Supported by strong customer service, the IT organization provides all our applications with 24-hour assistance. This includes a vast infrastructure of communications networks and a host of applications systems, such as SAP.

A prime focus for us is to establish and manage an enterprise-wide information environment that easily gets the right information to the right person, at the right time, at minimum cost. The IT organization is a catalyst in the continued transformation and growth of our business through the acquisition and exchange of vast volumes of knowledge with speed and accuracy.

Job Title

Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia07/16/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia07/16/2014
IT Applications SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia07/15/2014
Applications ArchitectDammam, Saudi Arabia06/30/2014
Business Sys Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia06/25/2014
Modeling and System Integration SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia06/17/2014
Supply chain Analyst IDammam, Saudi Arabia05/25/2014
SAP HR Systems AnalystDammam, Saudi Arabia05/18/2014
Business Sys Analyst IIIDammam, Saudi Arabia05/05/2014
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia05/01/2014
Application Security SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Applications Security SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Communications EngineerDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Computing ArchitectDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Mobile Radio Network Management System SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
SAP IS Utility\Power Systems Application SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Security Operations Centre SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia04/20/2014
Organizational Behavior (OB) AdvisorDammam, Saudi Arabia12/05/2013
Business System AnalystDammam, Saudi Arabia12/04/2013
Technology SpecialistDammam, Saudi Arabia09/15/2013

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