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Engineering jobs

A world leader in the oil and energy field, Saudi Aramco is determined to utilize our expertise in exploration and production in order to anticipate the world's increasing energy demands, and be ready to respond to them. This makes us an architect of energy. Consequently, we can offer the opportunity to work on an impressive array of operational projects, from oil and gas processing facilities to petrochemical plants – each one engineered to meet international standards and built to surpass expectations.

Job Title

Engineering Consultant UnconventionalSaudi Arabia01/20/2015
Engineering Specialist UnconventionalSaudi Arabia01/20/2015
Safety AdvisorSaudi Arabia01/13/2015
Terminal & Distribution Facilities Planning EngineerSaudi Arabia01/13/2015
H.V. Equipment EngineerSaudi Arabia01/12/2015
Pipeline EngineerSaudi Arabia01/12/2015
Power Systems Protection EngineerSaudi Arabia01/12/2015
Gas & NGL Facilities Planning EngineerSaudi Arabia01/09/2015
Utilities Facilities Planning EngineerSaudi Arabia01/09/2015
Loss Prevention EngineerSaudi Arabia01/07/2015
HIPS Dynamic Simulation EngineerSaudi Arabia01/06/2015
Hydroprocessing EngineerSaudi Arabia01/06/2015
Integrated Gasficiation Combined Cycle Engineering SpecialistSaudi Arabia01/06/2015
Liquid Custody Measurement EngineerSaudi Arabia01/06/2015
Motor & Generator EngineerSaudi Arabia01/06/2015
Gas Processing SpecialistSaudi Arabia01/05/2015
Boiler and Fired EngineerSaudi Arabia12/19/2014
Compressor and Steam Turbine EngineerSaudi Arabia12/19/2014
Flare Systems EngineerSaudi Arabia12/19/2014
Flow Assurance EngineerSaudi Arabia12/19/2014
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