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Community Services jobs

Creating a safe, healthy and attractive environment in which our talented workforce can live and work is given top priority at Saudi Aramco. Community Services operates and maintains our high quality residential communities and office buildings. We are a dedicated service organization, committed to providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective services – and we’re part of everyday life for every expatriate employee.

Many of our services are very visible, such as the recreation and dining facilities, beautifully landscaped garden areas and manicured sports fields. However, we also maintain the offices our people work in and the homes they live in, working away behind the scenes 24 hours a day to ensure that essential services are always available.

Job Title

Civil EngineerSaudi Arabia06/29/2015
Civil EngineerSaudi Arabia06/29/2015
Information Security AnalystSaudi Arabia06/29/2015
Info Security AnalystSaudi Arabia06/16/2015
Field Compliance CoordSaudi Arabia05/27/2015
Safety EngineerSaudi Arabia05/27/2015
Civil Water Treatment EngSaudi Arabia04/26/2015

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