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Refinery jobs

At Saudi Aramco, we have a Kingdom-wide network of refining, supply and distribution facilities. Refining almost 1.5 million barrels per day, we provide a continual supply of refined products to meet local and global demand.

We are a worldwide pacesetter in using state-of-the-art technology in refining and distribution. In-house laboratories are developing innovative techniques to support refining and distribution operations; and chromatography techniques, developed by the Ras Tanura Laboratory, support terminal operations exports and identify the source of crude oil and other petroleum fractions.

Our strategically located bulk plants and air fueling units supply thousands of bulk customers with products ranging from gasoline to liquefied petroleum gas. We also operate gigantic tank farms that enable terminal exports of crude, natural gas liquids (NGLs) and refined products.

Job Title

Maintenance Engineer Vibration Analyst Rotating EquipmentNationwide, Flexible08/21/2014
Maintenance Planner INationwide, Flexible08/21/2014
Reliability Engineer (Specialist Maintenance Engineer) MechanicalNationwide, Flexible08/21/2014
Urban \ City Planner EngineerNationwide, Flexible08/21/2014
Catalyst ChemistNationwide, Flexible08/12/2014
Combustion Modelling SpecialistNationwide, Flexible08/12/2014
Engineer Process Control (Ref Ad 18)Nationwide, Flexible08/12/2014
Refining Process EngineerNationwide, Flexible08/12/2014
Transport Fuel Specialist (Linear Programmer)Nationwide, Flexible08/12/2014
Catalyst ChemistNationwide, Flexible08/11/2014
Transportation Fuel Specialist (Life Cycle Analysis)Nationwide, Flexible08/07/2014
Upstream Corrosion SpecialistNationwide, Flexible07/24/2014
Cathodic Protection Engineer Electrical EngineerNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Maintenance Engineer (T & I Engineer)Nationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Project EngineerNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Refining & Distillation Process EngineerNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Supervisor Maintenance Engineering SupportNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Supvg Oper Oil\GasNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Utilities Facilities Planning SpecialistNationwide, Flexible07/23/2014
Downstream Corrosion SpecialistNationwide, Flexible07/07/2014
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