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In 2020, Saudi Aramco will be the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company, focused on maximizing income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the Kingdom’s economy, and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant energy sector.

Working for Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia means working for an industry leader in technical excellence and innovation – on upstream, downstream, petrochemical and research activities that tap and maximize the Kingdom’s proven reserves. Our people excel in a wide range of fields including engineering, geosciences, drilling, R&D, as well as education, medicine, finance and other administrative areas.

As a company, we have an expanding, and increasingly younger workforce. Consequently, we’ve implemented knowledge transfer programs, mentoring programs, and changes to the organizational culture to maximize the creativity and potential for leadership among our people. We continue to support the wellbeing of our employees through improvements to health, education and housing services. We also promote a culture of safety to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

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